Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to some of the most common questions we get about our service

Why does my dog need to complete a free trial?

Your dog needs to complete a 1 – 2 hour free trial so that we can introduce your dog to ourselves and the staff dogs. This involves testing their temperament around people and other dogs and how they react in different situations. We also do this free trial to ensure your dog will enjoy themselves during their time here, if your dog is stressed and upset during their free trial we will let you know that they may not suit the day care environment.

Do you accept all dog breeds and ages?

At Doggy Day Camp we give all dogs a chance at their free trial; we do not discriminate against any breed but we do accept that not all dogs are suited to the day care environment. We do accept seniors but they need to be in good health to ensure they do not get overly stressed. We also accept puppies but they must be of at least 8 weeks and have completed their first set of injections, you MUST bring proof of their injections and a note from the vet stating they are okay to enter a day care environment with other dogs.

Can I meet the team and see the facilities before I bring my dog?

Here at Doggy Day Camp we strongly recommend that you come and see where your dog is staying for overnight and day care stays. We feel this puts a lot of owner’s minds at ease that their dog is in a safe and homely environment.

Will my dog be under constant supervision?

Your dog will never be out of sight of a staff member, we have staff watching and interacting with them at all times to ensure the safety of all dogs in our care.

What happens when it’s cold and raining outside?

We have facilities for your dog’s to stay in when it rains, however we do recommend that you supply a coat for them to wear so they can continue to play, whatever the weather. Only in extreme conditions will your dog be staying indoors for the majority of the day.

What happens if my dog doesn’t get on with another dog?

We have facilities to separate dogs that may not get on but in the rare occasion that your dog doesn’t get on with multiple dogs regularly, we will not be able to allow them back at the day care.

Do you only accept dogs that are well trained?

We accept dogs that are not trained and have never attended any form of training, as long as they are well tempered. During the days your dog will be trained basic manners to ensure none of them bark, growl, snatch or jump unnecessarily. This will not include any formal training, however, we are happy to maintain any training you are carrying out at home.

Can I pick up my dog whenever I like?

We are open from 7:30am to 6:30pm, you can drop off and pick up at any time during these hours but please keep in mind that the price will stand at £10 for the day. On drop off, we will need to be informed of a time you will collect your dog/s.

What happens if I need to pick up my dog after closing time?

We close at 6:30pm, for every half an hour after this time you will be charged an extra £3.00 per dog. If this will be a regular occurrence please let us know and we can come to an agreement suitable for you.

What if my dog gets tired in the day?

All dogs will have access to a quiet, sheltered area which contains beds and blankets for them to relax in. This area will be available to your dog/s constantly throughout the day.

What if my dog needs feeding at the day care?

If your dog requires feeding during their time at the day care, we are happy to feed them. We do offer a standard wet and dry food included in the price, but we do ask that if you would like your dog being fed their own food that you bring a correctly sized portion with them. We will then feed them at a time of your choosing.

What if my dog needs medication during the day?

Before your dog stays at the day care we ask that you fill out a form about their health and any necessary medications they need. We will discuss any medication your dog requires previous to them staying. We ensure all medication is given at the right time of day and will note down once it has been administered.

I have a big dog and a small dog, will they be kept together?

At Doggy Day Camp our regular set up is for all the smaller dogs to be separate to all the bigger dogs, however, we understand that this is the case for some owners and therefore we will accommodate to this and decide upon a solution that will ensure both you and your dogs are happy.

Does my dog need an identification tag?

Your dog is required to wear an identification tag by law, even if he/she has been microchipped or has a tattoo. If your dog is not wearing a tag you will be asked to provide one for them to wear before we can accept them.

Can anyone pick up my dog?

For the safety of your dog you must inform us if anyone but you will be collecting them. If this person is not listed on your dog’s information then they will require a form of identification before we can release the dog to them.